May 28, 2023

Bitcoin exchange rate is growing and approaching $ 10,000

Bitcoin exchange rate is growing and approaching $ 10,000

Bitcoin continues to strengthen its position in the market, on the eve of the coin on the Bitstamp exchange it came close to around $ 9,700.

On the night of Thursday, February 6, the first cryptocurrencyreached this mark on all major exchanges and is now holding at $ 9660. BTC's market capitalization at the time of publication of this review exceeded $ 175.329 billion.

At the beginning of the week on some trading floorsBitcoin broke through the $ 9500 mark, but on Wednesday began to weaken its position. BTC dropped to $ 9120, and many traders talked about the high probability of a major pullback.

The growth began the night before, it was associated with the general activation of Bitcoin blockchain users. The coin reached its highest values ​​since October 2019.

According to trader Bob Lucas, the trend to strengthen the first cryptocurrency will continue. Observers continue to discuss the upcoming halving of bitcoin in May of this year (a reduction in the reward of miners).

A trader with the nickname Rekt Capital introduceda little help with the results of previous bitcoin halvings. He drew attention to the fact that after each reduction of miners in 2012 and 2016, there was a steady trend towards the expansion of BTC.

Moreover, the strengthening of cryptocurrency was recorded a year before the halving. This suggests that in 2020, a coin can make a more significant leap than last year.