July 2, 2022

Binance will go to technical work. Exchange will be unavailable for 4-6 hours

The planned update of the trading platform systems will begin on November 13 at 5 am Moscow time.

Tomorrow, November 13, at 05:00 Moscow time, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange will go to technical work. Tentatively, the trading platform will be unavailable for 4-6 hours, according to its official website.

At this time, users will not be able to deposit andwithdraw funds, the functions of spot, margin and peer-to-peer trading, lending, transferring funds from sub-accounts, margin, futures accounts and fiat wallets will also be disabled. The update will not affect the Binance Futures platform, it will continue to work in standard mode.

Major changes in the upcoming Binance update: expanding the capabilities of working with the WebSocket protocol, increasing the performance of the database and the User Data Streamer service. The exchange also announced the preparation of a test network for its Binance Chain blockchain for the Heisenberg hard fork, which will be held on November 15 at about 08:00 Moscow time.