January 29, 2023

Binance Launchpad completes another successful token sale - Celer Network

Binance Launchpad completes another successful token sale - Celer Network

In an official press release, the cryptocurrency exchange announced the final results of fundraising for Celer Network So, in general, the sale lasted a little over 17 minutes during which the amount of $ 4 million in CELR tokens was raised.

Celer Network Token Sale (CELR) generated over $ 3.9 million from 3,129 investors. Individual contributions were limited to $ 1,500.

The total supply of tokens amounted to 10,000,000,000 CELR, and the selling price of public tokens was $ 0.0067.

According to Celer Network, the company intends toDevelop a fast, scalable payment solution that uses smart contracts to provide zero-commission transactions. Built on Ethereum (ETH), the project has already conducted funding rounds in 2018.

CELR tokens sold at 0.00043400 BNB - approximately $ 0.006 - each. For 1 BNB, you could buy 2,303,358,821 CELR tokens. Although it was higher than the starting price, it was a 55% discount.

The sale did not go smoothly - some Twitter investors described difficulties with participation, since many sales requests were in the queue and, ultimately, were unsuccessful.

More than 39,000 potential investors tried to buy CELR tokens, only every tenth of them was really successful.

Celer Network is 2nd Scalable Platformlevel designed to provide scalability and increase blockchain efficiency. Celer Network uses a multi-level design consisting of “cCos”, “cRoute” and “cChannel”.

All in all, it looks like the Binance Launchpad is here,to give the ICO a second chance. Despite the fact that it has just started functioning and has conducted only two token sales, the community has already concluded that thanks to the Binance ICO it will return.