May 28, 2024

Behind the collapse of bitcoin in 2018 is the U.S. government and Trump

Behind the collapse of bitcoin in 2018 is the U.S. government and Trump

We have long been accustomed to manipulations in the cryptocurrency market. It’s just that there are usually big people behind theminvestors who seek to earn extra profit. However, Donald Trump, along with the US government, unexpectedly became the main manipulator of recent years.

How Trump brought Bitcoin down

Christopher made a sensational statementGiancarlo, formerly head of the Commodity Derivatives Commission (CFTC). He told CoinDesk that the U.S. government set out to burst the Bitcoin bubble, which began to form in 2017. To achieve this goal, it was decided to launch bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group).

According to Giancarlo, in this "scam" tookUS Treasury, SEC and CFTC, as well as the National Economic Council. As we recall, their plan worked: with $ 20,000, bitcoin began to plummet right after the launch of futures, and it has not been able to return to its previous levels until now. But why did the US government need to “blow off” bitcoin?

Reasons for US intervention in the cryptocurrency market

Giancarlo said that the authorities noticeda growing bubble in the cryptocurrency market long before the end of 2017. They realized that the consequences of the explosion of such a bubble would be extremely sad if it was allowed to swell to the maximum extent.

Moreover, the government consideredThe cryptocurrency bubble is the first real threat since the 2008 crisis. Therefore, it was decided to burst this bubble in advance, minimizing potential damage.


The only question is why the US authorities needwas to prevent the growth of the bladder. At its peak, market capitalization exceeded $ 800 billion, but on a global scale, this figure is not capable of influencing financial stability.

US intervention suggests thatthe government foresaw much more serious market growth. For a bubble burst to seriously shake the economy, its volume must exceed at least several trillion dollars &#8212; Could the market have grown to such volumes if the collapse had not occurred?

This whole situation forces once againthink about the role of ordinary investors in the market, in whose hands there is no control. Here, once again, it becomes clear that the only correct investment strategy &#8212; buy and not sell until the price reaches your target levels. Otherwise, all your investments may be washed away by another game of manipulators.