June 25, 2024

ALROSA launches diamond tracking pilot project with Everledger and Tencent

Russian diamond mining company ALROSA announced the launch of a pilot project to trackdiamonds on the Everledger blockchain in collaboration with technology company Tencent.

According to ALROSA, the new solution will allowcheck information on purchased diamonds, their origin and characteristics, data on previous owners, as well as fully monitor the supply chain. This initiative is aimed at users of the popular instant messenger WeChat, owned by the Chinese Internet giant Tencent.

According to companies, purchasing diamonds from ALROSA andBy checking their authenticity in the Everledger system, Chinese jewelers and jewelry retailers will be able to increase confidence in their brands and stand out in the market with high competition by proving the quality of their products. They will be able to interact with customers in a new way, as the acquisition of jewelry will become more transparent.

Buyers will be able to purchase diamonds throughWeChat Pay payment service and receive a unique certificate, and the Everledger platform will provide complete information on the origin of precious stones and the ethical method of their extraction in accordance with strict environmental and social standards.

“Collaboration with WeChat and Everledger speaks volumes aboutнашем стремлении предоставить покупателям максимальные гарантии качества. Надеемся, что работая с популярным китайским мессенджером, мы увеличим продажи в Китае», — сказал директор филиала «Бриллианты АЛРОСА» Павел Винихин.

Everledger management believes that such a solutionwill bring the diamond mining industry to a higher level, setting new standards for responsible business conduct and making the market more transparent.

Recall that last October ALROSAjoined the blockchain-based Tracr platform. This platform was developed by the international corporation De Beers, engaged in the extraction, processing and sale of diamonds.

In addition, London-based jewelry company Taylor&Hart also uses the Everledger blockchain to track diamonds.