October 21, 2020

Zenith players released as collectible cards

The football club from St. Petersburg "Zenith", acting in the premier league, became a partner of the Sorare platform, based on the blockchain Ethereum

From 15 October, Zenita games will be released intype of conferencing digital cards in the frame of the game, based on the block, connected to 100 other international football clubs, in the net

With the cards of the players on the block you canexchange with other people, in addition, users can take part in the game with a minimum number of 5 digital cards. The account of each card of the player is tied to the real performances in the tables of football leagues.

Sorare General Director Nikolac Julia noted that the platform is striving to create a global blockchain game of fantasy football, which includes 10 leading world leagues.

From the moment of launch in March 2019 Sorarehas grown on average by 52% on a monthly basis and today counts 40,000 users all over the world. It is interesting that Russia has become the third largest market for Sorare in the world, showing the growth of the number of users by 70% per month. Also, the country takes the first place in the middle of the day, spent on the game platform, - 1 hour 15 minutes a day.

General Director of "Zenita" Alexandr Medvedevexpressed the hope that the partnership with Sorare would improve the leverage of the club's brand and allow it to attract the attention of young fans for the trip, especially in Asia and America.