April 1, 2023

ZCash trademark transferred to ZCash Foundation

Electric Coin Company (ECC) entered into an agreement with the nonprofit ZCash Foundation, within the framework of which it transferred to it trademark rights to ZCash.

ECC launches privacy-orientedZCash cryptocurrency in 2016. From that moment, she supported the project through research, development, educational initiatives and work with regulators. According to the company, brand service cost her $ 250,000 and 500 business hours.

The following items are specified in the agreement:

  • ZCash Foundation will grant ECC non-exclusive trademark rights. Both organizations will decide which third parties are allowed to use the trademark;
  • Both organizations must approve the upgradechanges to the consensus algorithm. If they are not able to reach agreement, the network will be divided into two chains, while none of them can be called ZCash;
  • Organizations may lose trademark rights. Each has the right to terminate the contract - then the trademark will be transferred to the other side;
  • If the ZCash Foundation does not serve the trademark, ECC has the right to regain authority;
  • Parties do not have the right to make decisions contrary to the will of the community;
  • ECC will continue to support the ZCash website and domain, as well as the Twitter page and other social media accounts.

Final Consolidated Version ECC Zcash Trademark Transfer Documents 1 by ForkLog on Scribd

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