April 23, 2024

ZCash network error (ZEC) may lead to loss of personal data

ZCash network error (ZEC) may lead to loss of personal data

The ZCash (ZEC) code contains a built-in bug that can de-anonymize part of the network and reveal the node's IP address.which protects the blockchain address and processes anonymous transactions.

The error reported by Jonathan (Duke) Leto affects a whole list of coins with zaddr protection technology, the use of which can lead to the loss of user confidential information.

Paradoxically, but not useAn anonymous network function protects against errors, and transferring zaddr to third parties could potentially reveal the user's IP address and possibly location. Users who have never received funds from secure addresses (zaddr) are not affected by the error.

The most famous forks are also vulnerable– Bitcoin Private (BTCP), ZClassic (ZCL) and Anon (ANON). Komodo (KMD) and Horizen (ZEN) anonymous transactions also contain a native bug. Bitcoin Gold (BTG), which only uses ZCash hashing technology, is not affected by this as it is a direct fork of Bitcoin (BTC).

A metadata leak error has existed since 2016, it can potentially lead to attacks on known nodes and peer-to-peer networks, although at the moment it does not have a wide impact on the entire network.

As previously reported, the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit decided to stop trading support for six privacy coins, including ZCash (ZEC).