February 20, 2024

Zap developers introduced a new version of Lightning wallet

The Zap team introduced a new version of the Bitcoin wallet with support for the Lightning Network.


According to the developer of ZapJack Mullers Wallet, version 0.6.0-beta implements the lnurl function, which simplifies the withdrawal of funds and the implementation of atomic swaps.

Also, according to information on GitHub, the user interface is improved, bugs are fixed, and security options are expanded.

Download the new version of the wallet for Mac, Windows and Linux by the link.

Lightning Network is a payment protocol that allows you to conduct cheap and instant transactions, which also represents a solution to the problem of bitcoin scaling.

According to the 1ML service, currently there are 10,451 nodes in the Lightning Network, linking 34,760 payment channels. The network capacity is 824 BTC (~ $ 7 million).

Earlier, Jack Mullers introduced the Olympus solution for instant purchase of bitcoin on the Lightning Network using bank cards.