December 10, 2023

YouTube called cryptocurrency related videos a mistake

YouTube called cryptocurrency related videos a mistake

YouTube has come under fire for removing videos related to cryptocurrencies andblockchain, classifying them as dangerous content. This outraged cryptobloggers who literally flooded Twitter with angry posts.

The actions of the platform also affected the head of EthereumVitalik Buterin, in whose account the video with questions and answers on the Ethereum roadmap disappeared. In this regard, he expressed the view that YouTube requires an alternative.

Later, the video sharing platform reported that cryptocurrency related content was deleted by mistake and will be restored. The YouTuber Boxmining cryptoblogger wrote a joyful tweet about this:

“@YouTube Content hit my channel since it was deleted. They called it "a mistake in their algorithm." But now I am BACK! ”

The representative of YouTube shed light on the “cryptocurrency cleaning”, saying that the platform’s policy regarding cryptocurrency-related videos has not changed:

“Due to the huge number of videos on our websitemisunderstandings sometimes occur. When we became aware that the video was deleted by mistake, we quickly made efforts to restore it. We also suggest that the authors appeal the removal, and we will review the content ourselves. ”

If some bloggers are already happy with the videos returned to the air, others, for example, Chris Dunn, are still waiting for recovery:

“Latest update @YouTube — it's just a disaster: yesterday my channel was deleted. Despite the status of the video “appeal approved,” only some videos reappeared on my channel.”

It seems like cryptocurrency related networkshard times are going through, especially since Google has blocked the client for Android MetaMask, Ethereum wallet and DApp browser, with a link to a “misleading service”.

MetaMask said that if the ban is not lifted, they will use other platforms.