February 22, 2024

Xi Jinping: China should become a leader in the field of blockchain

Blockchain adoption is critical to innovation in key technologies and industry transformation,said President Xi Jinping.


Speaking at the 18th Collegium for the Study of Currentblockchain development trends and trends, he noted that large countries are currently actively developing technology, and China has a good base for this.

&#171;We must perceive blockchain as importantopening for independent implementation of key technologies. It is necessary to clarify the main directions, increase investments and focus on a few key applications of the technology&#187;,- said Xi Jinping.

According to him, China is able to take the leading positions in the world in the field of blockchain in order to gain new advantages in the industry.

The head of China also drew attention to the needBlockchain integration not only in the real economy, but also in related information technologies, such as artificial intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of things.

Xi Jinping stressed the need to create the ecosystem of the blockchain industry in the country. At the same time, he considers it important to strengthen the leadership and regulation of the industry.

Recall, the President of China previously expressed the opinion that blockchain will change the structure of the global economy.