July 25, 2021

X10 Extra Round: DeFi Arabic Cash Goes To First Exchange At $ 1

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X10 Extra Round: DeFi Arabic Cash Goes To First Exchange At $ 1

Arabic Cash is the first fully independent DeFi project to attract new investments in the digital business of the Arab world.

After the full launch of the ABIC token (BSCBEP20) at the end of July, staking will be available at 35.6% per annum, as well as trading to 6 crypto pairs on the main Arabic Cash website + trading on Pancake Swap. The next step is to create your own DEX exchange. Next is the introduction of the DeFi loan system.

Each of the three rounds of the Private Sale projectclosed with overfulfillment of the plan. And on June 25, the project closed the Private Sale ahead of schedule and announced the start of the Extra Round, where the price of the ABIC token will grow sharply. In the second half of July, Arabic Cash will be listed on the first exchange with a price tag of $ 1. The ABIC token can now be officially purchased for $ 0.18.

This decision was made due to the openvoting by the project community - only 34% supported the idea of ​​early closure of the Public Sale and the release of the ABIC token for trading with a minimum price. The remaining 66% voted for the starting bidding price of $ 1 and the Extra Round, which is required to achieve this goal.

As it became known, the Extra Round will consist of several phases, which will sharply raise the price to $ 1. At the moment, the first phase lasts, in which the token is fixed at 18 cents.

The creators of the project assure that in addition to the collectedDuring the Private Sale stage, additional funds from the founders of Arabic Cash will be injected into the liquidity pool of the project. Recall that the founders are considered to be an association of large real estate companies in the United Arab Emirates. Apparently, this is where Arab maximalism manifests itself, when the price is immediately raised by x10 from the presale.

Recently announced the last Extra Round milestones on the way to $ 1:

▶ ️ Stage 1 ($ 0.18) ended on July 12 - transition to Stage 2

▶ ️ The second stage lasts from 13 to 22 July - the price is $ 0.36.

▶ ️ The third stage starts from 23 to 28 July - the price is 0.72 USD.

July 29 ABIC launch on Pancake Swap - price 1 $

In history, few have allowed themselves such audacity,but if you look back at the most striking example - Pancake Swap - the picture is rosy. On the very first day of public trading, the price of the token was raised by $ 1. Exactly one day later, the price collapsed by 60%. But after 12 days, the CAKE token again leveled off to $ 1, and after another 4 months the price of the token was already serious $ 15. And this is against the backdrop of a falling global trend in Bitcoin.

Right now, the Arabic Cash community is showing a confident attitude on HODL. About half of the holders expect $ 5, and 35% are already preparing to invest ABIC in staking 35.6% more than a year.