March 25, 2023

Would you be ready to invest in a strategy?

Hello! For the future, the opinion of crypto traders is interesting! Would be ready to invest in a strategy (mathematical model) on the terms of 50/50%?
The results for 2018 and 2019 are presented. Trading is carried out on a cue ball and air. For 2018: 300%, for 2019: 215%, maximum drawdown 12%. The picture shows the result without using shoulders. I carried out calculations on the system for a long time, but it was not possible to trade it, because extremely difficult, you need to monitor the terminal 24 hours 7 days a week. Now this opportunity has appeared and began to trade on a live account on December 10. Bitmex trading floor the commission is acceptable, although there are not many deals (trending strategy). At the moment, the result is + 33% and an open trade short cue ball with 7500, I trade with the 3rd leverage. I want to trade in real life for 2-4 months and already post a real report on a real account. Would you be ready to invest in a strategy?