December 11, 2023

Why is it worth now to learn and try to trade crypto?

Why is it worth now to learn and try to trade crypto?

Why is it worth now to learn and try to trade crypto?

1. Because the cryptocurrency market isrelatively new, modern and populardirection, which is only developing and gives traders new opportunities. Learning to trade cryptocurrency is an opportunity to master a new promising exchange.

2. Because you won't know if the cryptocurrency market is right for you unless you try your hand. You can see for yourself whether you can trade crypto or not.

3. Because the knowledge that you get on the cryptocurrency exchange is applicable on any other exchange. Even if the crypt does not suit you, you can quickly switch, for example, to the Moscow Exchange.

4. Because the cryptocurrency market is suitable for the rapid development of a trader - a large number of instruments, fast transactions, many opportunities.

5. Because by studying and trading with us, you will be able to return up to 30% of the commission for transactions on Binance, and also get access to closed telegram channels with transactions from top traders of the LIG company.

An introductory lesson for the new stream will take place on May 13course CRYPTO-BREAKTHROUGH. You can fill out an application on the website and get into this lesson for free to ask questions to the teachers and decide whether our training format is right for you or not.

The course itself starts on May 16. Very soon, a new stream of students will begin to make the first transactions on Binance together with teachers!

All students of the CRYPTO-BREAKTHROUGH course get the opportunity to:
— After training, come to the head dealing office in Krasnodar for 2 free weeks of full-time internship to communicate with teachers and try your hand at trading.
— Stay in the support chat for students to practice not alone, but together with a group of teachers and other students of the course.
— Take part in the FBTR crypto trading tournament with cash prizes and money for trading under management.

Do you have any questions? Ask them to our technical support or teachers at the introductory lesson on May 13th.