January 28, 2021

Why is Bitcoin a pyramid?

1. Price is based on greed.
2. Creators - an individual or a small group of people.
3. Large% of bitcoins is stored on a small number of wallets, i.e. price movement - manipulated by this small number of players.
4.You can create "Bitcoin 2" that surpasses the dignity of bitcoin and the same deflationary one, hold an advertising campaign "Bitcoin 2", and forget about Bitcoin 1, just do not say that this is like the first cryptocurrency and she has a flag in her hands, the owners of money will make such a stuffing that they will forget about Bitcoin 1, just like they have forgotten about Ethereum 1, renamed Ethereum classic.
5. Do not be adept at those who benefit.

ps:already now Bitcoin has been compromised, a lot of Bitcoins have been stolen from different owners, a lot of them participated in illegal financial transactions, you don't just need to talk about the anonymity of Bitcoin, it is not anonymous, or otherwise, it is anonymous until it was transferred to fiat, or vice versa, but there, the chain can already lead to the owner of Bitcoin, all this means that a lot of Bitcoins can legally, if Bitcoin is regulated, return to their original owners, and a lot can simply be confiscated.

ps2: Bitcoin is a technological dummy that will be used to achieve their goals.