June 14, 2021

Why did Musk close the topic of selling Tesla for bitcoins? The end of the crypt?

We must give a must to the Mask, it jumps off an extremely slippery topic beautifully. Like a carbon footprint. Ecology. Peace. The future of the earth.

Before getting into this story, he did not know this?

In fact, the answer is extremely simple.Is Mask's company white? White. American? American. Can she sell Tesla for Bitki without KYC? Of course not. Have you ever seen a cue ball owner who, for the sake of buying Tesla, would legalize his cue ball? I have a colleague with cue ball. Just the other day he wanted to buy a Tesla for fun. Nothing succeeded. Wrong cue ball. The grenades are of the wrong system.

What I like most about this story is the cue ball sectarians. They will still yell about the fact that this is future money. That the whole world will switch to crypt. Etc.