October 19, 2021

Why did Japan slow down the implementation of bitcoin payments?

Few countries may seem to have the same dedication and seriousness of intent, like Salvadop, at least in acceptance bitcoin (BTC). Now you can pay with bitcoins for everything you like - from dental help to renting a sound recording studio. But when the whole cryptocurrency world watched with the name of Japan.


Pojep Bep, who once worshiped as "Bitcoin-Jesus", declared that the capital of the country of Tokio, in which he now lives, is "the world's most popular" beat.

As all the times have changed, so nowIt has become difficult to pay for goods or services in bitcoins in most Japanese regions, including the capital. By a twist of fate, the Japanese, so thirsty for BTC, will in no way be able to accept it.

Once we read the news about the fact that it was possible to buy everything with bitcoin - from sushi to Maserati.

But the time has passed when large retailThe traders worked to start accepting cryptocurrency payments earlier than all. Now it has become more difficult to spend BTC, but buying it can be easier than ever.

Cryptocurrencies are available in most of the thousandskpuglocutochnyx magazinov ctpany in RESIDENCE ppedoplachennyx C CHANGE, verily in the On Time HOW kpupnye ppedppiyatiya, vklyuchaya gigantov elektponnoy kommeptsii, opepatopov chat-ppilozheny and bankovckix tyazhelovecov, zapuctili kpiptobipzhi, opganichno cvyazav THEIR co cvoimi ppilozheniyami and financovymi platfopmami.

After the table of the much promising start of payment in bitcoins did not receive any further development in Japan. When observers looked at the Salvadop, they wondered why this happened.

In an article from The Sankei News, the journalists explained,chto pocle buma in kontse 2017 goda, kogda giganty poznichnoy topgovli Meganesuper (optika) and Bic Camera (elektponika) obyavili o planax ppinimat BTC in magazinax Po vcey ctpane, nikakogo "bolshogo pacshipeniya" ne bylo, za icklyucheniem "int.epn.ete-magazinov and chactnyx pectopanov ".

CMI has led to the emergence of a senior economyResearcher Institute Nomura Takaxide Kiuchi, in which he stated that retail traders think that BTC is too volatile to use The authors of the article assumed that, instead of this, the Japanese firms turned their attention to the development of plans for the introduction of digital currencies of the central bank (CBDC).

The companies mostly follow the Central Bank of Japan, which started a pilot test of the digital yen type this year.

“In the case of implementation and widespread useHighly reliable CBDCs are such advantages of digitalization, as innovations like “community without cash money”, would lead to the revitalization of the economy, ”said Kiuchi.

Local stablecoins were also discussed in the qualitySolving the problem of Japan's excessive dependence on cash as a form of payment. It’s even surprising that in such a technologically advanced country as Japan, cash money is always right. The Japan Times reported that in 2019, only 27% of payments were non-cash, and the rest were made with banknotes and coins. The coronavirus pandemic and contactless payments have reduced the popularity of cash and led to a remarkable speed of online shopping.

However, the concept of a “free community” will have to go a long way, taking into account that the government will achieve its goal of 40% of safe payments in 2025 only.

This same new publication also pointed to the hacker hack Coincheck, which increased the views of the majority of people on cryptocurrency and gave me a lot of ideas about the phrases.

However, not everyone stopped the idea of ​​payments in bitcoins - this year, the retail giant Rakuten announced that it would allow its customers to refill their bills

And if the bitcoin revolution in the SalvadopeActually, the Japanese companies, perhaps, will re-introduce the idea of ​​payments in bitcoins. The infrastructure for this still exists in many cases. Sorry, the last and the most difficult part of the head is a question of how to return the perception of people and create faith in BTC as a means of payment.

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