July 25, 2021

Why Bitcoin has no future

Looking at the dollar, I begin to understand that the value of a currency is that it is not a limited amount, but on the contrary - you can mine skok if only the turnover in the world increases.
But with bitcoin, everything is bad. It will not be possible to mine it even if suddenly someday, in the best wet faniasias, the turnover in it grows.
And how will it grow if transactions are processed slower and slower every day?
2 years ago I had a cue ball 0.000000000000067 and somehow I wanted to buy a check on them, that is, to withdraw it through an exchanger for savings. So then my transaction was waiting for two confirmations for 2 days.
And how much right now? A week? Month?…
Poentomu this shit, in addition to a decline in the rate in the near future and brakes with translations are not waiting for anything else.
I can imagine that it will collapse to 10,000 ...no ... not dollars, but Venezuelan bolivars and all rush to sell the shit that nobody needs. I think at this moment confirmations on the network will take 2 months and exchanges will make 10 confirmations to be credited to the account. On this the song will be finally sung.