December 5, 2022

Which ASIC to choose in 2021?

Which ASIC to choose in 2021?

How to choose an ASIC that will bring a stable income and at the same time will not be too expensive and difficult to exploitation? Given the rise in electricity prices and the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, the issue remains relevant.

ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) -is a microchip designed for a special application - cryptocurrency mining. ASICs can be compared to common integrated circuits, such as a microprocessor or RAM chips in a PC. ASIC can be pre-fabricated for a specific application or custom made for a specific application

ASIC for cryptocurrency mining is made specifically for calculating hashes using one of three algorithms: SHA-256 - for mining BTC, Scrypt - for Litecoin, X11 algorithm - for Dash.

Today it is not difficult to find and buy an ASIC miner. There are many different brands of ASICs on the market.

Usually, crypto enthusiasts choose their miners according to four main parameters: hashrate, power usage, price and dimensions.

The best ASIC miners on the market are 5 models:

1. Antminer S9

S9 is the most energy efficient ASIC miner of allavailable on the market. The Antminer S9 is approximately two and a half times more efficient than the Antminer S7, as it only uses 0.1 Joule per Gigahash. Besides being energy efficient, it is also one of the most profitable ASIC miners out there.

2. Antminer R4

Solid hash rate (8.6 TH / s ± 5%) and relatively low price (about $ 1000) make the Antminer R4 one of the best deals on the market. It's worth noting that the R4 is much quieter than other ASICs thanks to the updated cooler.

3. Antminer S7

A popular choice among miners is the Antminer S7.The miner is not very expensive and efficient enough. It is noteworthy that immediately after the launch, the S7 cost about $ 2,000, but then its price was significantly reduced - $ 545 new or from $ 500 and below on Amazon.

Antminer s7 is equipped with 28nm BM1385 ASIC chips, which are cooled by a dual cooler. Miner users also note that it is quite easy to set up and start mining on the very first day.

4. Avalon 6

The only ASIC on our list not released by Bitmain. Canaan has already launched several miners under the Avalon brand, but the Avalon 6 was the most popular.

The Avalon 6 is considered a “home miner” - it is quite energy efficient and very quiet and easy to set up even for a beginner.

5. Antminer S5

This ASIC has many advantages, but the mostbig is its price. Antminer S5 costs up to $ 500, and used ASICs can be found for $ 200. (However, we do not recommend that you buy miners that have already been used by someone).

S5 is great for beginner miners,who want to understand the principles of work, and then buy more expensive equipment. However, it also has disadvantages - a rather low hash rate and a noisy cooling system.

In the table below, we have collected for you the general characteristics of the best ASICs in 2021:

Which ASIC to choose in 2021?

You can choose an ASIC for mining in 2021 from the table below:

Which ASIC to choose in 2021?

If the prices for specialized equipment are high for you, other options may be considered. For example, mining with video cards or cloud mining.

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