June 6, 2023

Where to trade bitcoin?

In general, he was always skeptical of Bitcoin, thought it was a typical pump-and-dump and hysteria would soon pass.
FROM hysteria happened, but before that there was a 20-fold increase, in less than a year. And this is the thing that cannot be ignored by the trader.

After the asset is pumped up and handed out, it is usually blown away, only occasionally there are quick bursts.
Typical pump-and-dump:
Where to trade bitcoin?

But, bitcoin is not like that. He quite shows signs of life:

Where to trade bitcoin?

If the price of a cue ball goes above 14 thousand, then we can see quite good movements for ourselves.
A few months ago I checked several trading systems that I trade in Mosbirzh futures and it turned out that
Bitcoin is trading quite well. But, firstly, the results do not surpass other instruments, and secondly, it is not clear on which platform you can safely trade. Checked in the Forex kitchen, to which I do not have confidence.
Big movements when prices go above 14 thousand can be a tidbit, so I would like to prepare.

Hence the question, which sites exist while:
1) They can be trusted with capital
2) Trading should be automated using QUIK or MT5 (well, in the worst case, I’m ready to rewrite the code for other things)