August 14, 2022

Where do the most active cryptocurrency users live?

In Latin America. Half of Hispanics have used cryptocurrencies, Mastercard survey shows.

According to a survey conducted by Mastercard, in Latin America, 51% of consumers have made at least one transaction with cryptocurrencies.
By comparison, only 11% of respondents worldwide reported having made a purchase using a digital asset.
In addition, 54% of Hispanics said that sinceare optimistic about digital assets as an investment vehicle, according to a study based on a survey of 35,000 people around the world conducted between March and April.
“More and more Hispanics are showinginterest in cryptocurrencies and need solutions to facilitate access to the crypto world,” said Walter Pimenta, executive vice president of product and development for Mastercard in Latin America and the Caribbean, in a statement.

Nearly 70% of consumers in Latin America andThe Caribbean said they would feel more comfortable investing and transacting in cryptocurrencies if they did so through a trusted entity.
“More and more Latin Americans are turning totechnology to conduct their financial transactions, and this trend is expected to continue to grow, with a vast majority of 95% planning to use a digital payment method next year, and 29% admitting to using less cash in the past year,” Pimenta said.