January 28, 2023

When will the economic crisis come and why do they underestimate Etherium

Managing Partner of DTI Algorithmic Alexander Butmanov Live on Pro Blockchain on 10/10/2019:

“World crisis will certainly be on the horizon of five years, I would put good money on this. You can put it on the stock exchange. ”

In the video:

  • 6:30 - What cryptocurrencies should you pay attention to

  • 9:14 - About Bitcoin shorts and longs

  • 11:44 - How “Big People” Pamper Bitcoin

  • 12:29 - Why Etherium is the most underrated crypto asset

  • 16:15 - How to relate to the fact that exchanges have already started offering futures for Libra

  • 18:00 - What are the most liquid derivatives exchanges today?

  • 20:00 - Bakkt - “dead cat”?

  • 21:00 - Will the global crisis reach us in 5 years?

  • 22:40 - What will happen to the price of bitcoin by the end of November

  • You can watch the video below or directly on our YouTube channel.

    Alexander Butmanov on the laws of the cryptosphere and forecasts for the next 5 years

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