September 25, 2022

When to buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin analysis and forecast. Issue No. 2 dated 05/10/2022 In this issue, I present to your attention my analysis Bitcoin market and forecast for the next quarter.
In this issue you will find answers to many questions aboutintermarket connections between Bitcoin and the global financial market, how and why Bitcoin is connected to bonds, stocks and commodities. And how monetary policy affects the Bitcoin market.

00:00 - introduction, a couple of scraps about the release and the Bitcoin market;
02:04 - the connection between Bitcoin and the Nasdaq index;
03:57 - Bitcoin and the risk-off cycle;
05:12 - net speculative position in the futures market (CME), which is what speculators are waiting for;
06:37 – I consider quotes through one of the theories of stationarity (deviation from the annual average), what it means and what it signals;
07:39 - technical analysis on the weekly chart. Possible long-term goals;
10:24 - technical analysis on a daily scale.
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