March 23, 2023

WhatsApp correspondence is publicly available

WhatsApp correspondence is publicly available

WhatsApp private correspondence can be found on the Google search engine. Information leakage became possible due to privacy-ignoring configuration errors.

Such an unpleasant discovery was madeDeutsche Welle journalist Jordan Wilson. He noted that the “Invite to group by link” feature generates a link that, after being published on the web, is indexed by search engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo and Bing.

In less than five minutes, the journalist manageddiscover chats that show the phone numbers of 48 WhatsApp group conversation participants in which United Nations accredited non-governmental organizations participated.

Famous hacker Jane Manchun Wong confirms thisinformation. He added that Google has 470,000 search results for “,” the URL used for WhatsApp invitations.

To protect private correspondence, specialistsIt is recommended that you check the list of group members more often to see if someone else has entered the conversation. In addition, they recommend the use of better correspondence software that belongs to a company that cares about privacy for correspondence.

At the beginning of the year, even the UN leadership recommended that employees refuse work correspondence on WhatsApp.