June 18, 2024

WhatsApp blocks users from the Russian Federation in dubious groups

WhatsApp blocks users from the Russian Federation in dubious groups

WhatsApp — the most popular messenger in Russia. Millions of people use it daily, but some of themrisks losing access to the application forever. And the most offensive is that the users themselves are not to blame for anything.

Block Russian users of WhatsApp

Russian WhatsApp users report en massethat their accounts were permanently blocked. The reason for this is quite controversial — the company blocks people who are members of groups with dubious names. What falls into this category — unclear. Most likely, such a “stamp” is placed at the discretion of the employees.

The company commented on the problem as followsimage: blocked users were in groups whose names were “malicious”. Apparently, we are talking about names that reflect extremist, racist, Nazi and other messages. In a statement, WhatsApp did not disclose the number of blocked accounts, but judging by the number of complaints there are really many.

the main problem in this whole situation isin the fact that everyone can become a victim of repression by WhatsApp. Consider a simple example: you join a group dedicated to cooking, after which its administrator changes the name to something “malicious”. If moderators notice this, all members of the group will receive a lifetime lock, and you can no longer use the messenger from the current phone number.

This policy is outrageous.Of course, if group members are discussing committing any crimes, then blocking would seem appropriate. However, WhatsApp management has no desire to understand the problem and follows the simplest path — blocks everyone. What could this lead to? People can create groups for fun, gain subscribers and change the name, after which they will all be blocked.

As a result of all this, people will simply stopjoin groups, and WhatsApp will become an even more focused tool. No other messenger or social network blocks all members of groups with prohibited materials, because they understand the absurdity of such a step. Apparently, in the pursuit of public approval, Zuckerberg completely lost touch with reality, and for his messenger this will not end with anything good.