September 25, 2022

What will happen to the price of bitcoin in the coming years?

What will happen to the price of bitcoin in the coming years?

In 2022, the Bitcoin exchange rate is under pressure. On January 1, the cryptocurrency was trading at $46,200, in June it the price fell to $17,600, as of August 13, the asset is worth $24,500. Since the beginning of the year, bitcoin has fallen in price by 48.5%.

RBC Crypto experts gave the most positive forecast for the first cryptocurrency before the end of the year and named the marks to which the asset price could rise at best.

“New heights should not be expected in the next 1.5-2 years”

BitOK founder Dmitry Machikhin.

The most positive, but at the same time realisticthe forecast for bitcoin until the end of the year is a rally to $ 33 thousand, followed by a return to an active decline. It will only be possible to realize such a scenario if the stock markets continue to grow or at least maintain current levels, giving bitcoin more time to perform growth maneuvers. It would also be nice to see easing by the US Federal Reserve in terms of the use of anti-inflation tools.

Based on available historical data,new price peaks should not be expected in the next 1.5-2 years. To return to the full-blown growth phase, cryptocurrencies need to go through a very long and extremely stagnant consolidation phase, which can last 6-10 months after the final bear market bottom.

“The crypto market will receive a powerful impetus to growth”

ENCRY Foundation co-founder Roman Nekrasov.

The most positive scenario that comes inhead, is the emergence of extremely crypto-industry-friendly regulation in the current leading market for cryptocurrencies - the United States. If, for example, regulation of stablecoins does not provide for excessive reporting for issuing companies, and if the US regulator approves the launch of a spot bitcoin ETF, while inflation continues to decline, giving a positive signal for the financial market as a whole, then the crypto market will receive a powerful impetus to growth .

In this case, bitcoin by the end of the year will be able toreturn to the level of $55-$60 thousand and confidently gain a foothold in this range. Updating the historical maximum even in this case seems unlikely to me, but due to the confident consolidation at this level, bitcoin in 2023 will already be able to grow above $100,000 on expectations of the upcoming (in 2024) halving.

Now the crypto market is still highly dependent onUS consumer price growth. Participants of such an active market as the American one look at this and start from the level of inflation and the level of the key rate, respectively, balancing high-risk and low-risk assets in their portfolio. The slowdown in inflation plays into the hands of high-risk assets, which is clearly seen in the growth of the S & P500 after the publication of data on consumer price growth.

“Cryptocurrencies will decline”

Head of the analytical department of AMarkets Artem Deev.

Despite general trends in the global economy andfinance, positive forecasts for the cryptocurrency market occasionally appear. For example, growth to $100,000 is predicted by the end of the year — the reason for this will be the disappointment of investors in fiat currencies, which will fall against the backdrop of the global crisis, and citizens, ordinary investors and the largest banking structures will want to protect their funds from rising inflation by shifting to bitcoin, ether and other coins. Which will be the reason for the rapid growth of cryptocoins and the market as a whole.

But such predictions run into a contradiction:bitcoin, ether and other digital assets have been clearly following the trajectory of the movement of the American stock exchanges for several years now. This is confirmed by statistics. And there is no doubt that a new round of the global crisis, rising inflation, tightening of the monetary policy of central banks around the world will lead to lower indices. This means that cryptocurrencies will also decline, losing their value, and the capitalization of the crypto market, which has already decreased by almost three times from the highs of last year, will collapse even more.

Therefore, with all the desire, to predict bitcoinat the level of $100,000 it does not work. The maximum that the currency can show until January 2023 is $30,000. And then, if there are clear positive signals for this, for example, the Fed will declare victory over inflation (which is unrealistic), or the world economy will go up (also problematic). The main positive for bitcoin will be that it will not show a decline to $10,000. But such a scenario is also possible, depending on external circumstances.

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