February 1, 2023


An epic story is brewing. Another “typical crypto start-up” Paycase, being from Canada (like bursting QuadrigaCX scam pyramid) is suingToronto exchange for the fact that they rolled them with the joint creation of new instruments on the exchange, tied to the crypt. And Paycase allegedly suffered so much and received such losses and damage to its reputation (SHTOOO BL ?!) that only 500 MILLION DOLLARS are able to calm the soul of crypto sufferers.

The news comes to that same CryptoMedication and it starts digging the alignment. It turns out that:

1) Paycase = Crypto Capital. The very technical equipment, which almost collapsed Bitfinex, another five exchanges, and through which, among other things, the money was chased from / to the QuadrigaCX pyramid.

2) A member of the Toronto Exchange Board of Directors was (suddenly!) Weinberg’s colleague from Paycase / Crypto Capital within the Shyft Network. All their own, karoch.

3) News about the lawsuit suddenly disappears from the media.

WHAT WAS IT? And what kind of dismantling is it “your against your own people”? And how did it happen that the Toronto stock exchange is actually overshadowed by affairs with an extremely muddy and dubious technical-laying, which, it is possible, was involved in the laundering of drug money through the same Bitfinex and was noted in the story with the QuadrigaCX pyramid? And how did it happen that people from the exchange worked together with people who grazed in this techie? Questions, questions ....