February 27, 2024

What is the difference between pyramids, ventures, typical startups and contemporary art?

What is the difference between pyramid schemers and crypto scammers, typical startupers (and investment funds next to them) and activistscontemporary art? It would seem that the first are aimed at operational and large-scale taking of money from hamsters and sunset care; the second for business for sale, capitalization and IPO; and the third - to get into galleries / exhibitions / museums and sales (auctions + galleries + private OTC). But the closer you look, the less difference you see.

SHOW-BUSINESS, COMMUNICATIONS, PR, LIES AND JACKS. Here are the three whales on which the above cohorts are held. Mastery and applied skills are already needed very relatively.

Actually, the song from the musical “Chicago” perfectly and comprehensively describes what happens in info-gypsies, pyramids, MLM-shchikov, in a crypto party, in venture capital investments and in the contemporary art industry.

“You present everything with glitz and shine, give it glitz and shine
You attract attention
There will be rejoicing in the hall
Let all your little things
Everyone will be fooled
The truth will be replaced by a circus act
If you lead them by the nose cleverly
They don't understand that you're cheap
Give me some sparkle and good luck!

Imagine everything with a chic shine, give a chic shine
People haven't started to wise up yet
They love to be fooled…

You come with a chic shine, give a chic shine
Appear before the crowd like a sorcerer
The public will be grateful
What do they care if you're untalented?
Give me some bling, give me some bling
And you will become a star"

More grandiose and crazier plans, sites andmore colorful presentations, speeches with the most fashionable and incomprehensible set of words for the average person (blockchain! decentralization! bigdata! AI! neural networks! agile! whatever-tech!), invited celebrities who themselves do not understand anything, but smile and thumbs up, as many promises as possible of universal happiness and quick wealth, respect and adoration - this is the typical picture of a typical venture with typical startups on board. And also a typical picture for pyramids (MMM - we are changing the world!) and crypto startups and crypto funds. Dancing and escort with consummation in one bottle.

As for art, it’s the same thing.Multi-page enthusiastic descriptions of art critics for daubs, pieces of furniture and unknown crap dumped on the floor, written for a small price, because the gallery or investor needs to promote the next artistic genius. A party that promotes itself no worse than a crypto party and a party of “serial entrepreneurs”. Galleries, art dealers and private collectors are actively playing the game of “draw a higher price and find the last sucker in line.” And on top there is a thick layer of PR, marketing, economics of expectations and show business. With the obligatory comment “this is a complex and advanced creation, your primitive mind cannot understand it” - which was very fond of non-starters and cryptans when they were caught in incoherent game, hopeless stupidity and outright lies.

And why? Too much money that has nowhere to go, too many who want it, too much faith in fame and brands (“large well-known companies cannot be wrong”). And there are too few brains for all this to distinguish pi $$ of dobs and charlatans from real creators and professionals, and to distinguish value from crap with a price tag taken from the ceiling.