January 31, 2023

What is necessary for successful trading?

The answer is quite simple and well-known to everyone:
- strict adherence to the trading system
- adherence to principles risk and money management
- add to this discipline, control of emotions and psychology of the trader

Failure to comply with these rules leads to a loss of deposit for more than 95% of novice traders.
Liberties, indiscipline and spontaneity are punished very strictly by the market.
With an increase in the share of algorithmized market participants in the form of artificial intelligence, inconsistency and carelessness in actions leave no chance of success.
High-frequency trading is captured by robots, where reaction and emotions do not give a person the opportunity to earn stable.
All attempts are doomed to failure over a long distance.

Well, it turns out that trading for a person has become an area in which there is no place for him?
Trading on lower timeframes, up to 1 hour, due to the above features of a person is extremely dangerous for a deposit.
However, position trading with transactions from one to several days, this is the area where a responsible approach to the process can bring profit.

Strict adherence to the trading system and adherence to the principles of money management allow traders who have come to understand that it is impossible to make money in the market differently.

How to come to this understanding and ability to observecommon truths of trading for those who are just getting acquainted with this area, or for those who have been trying for a long time and to no avail to save and increase the deposit?
What additional tools to use for deposit management and automation of the trading process?

Obviously, there are enough solutions and they are all fragmented, some in reality turn out to be ineffective or inoperative, not always clear.
To solve the above problems, you need comprehensive and high-quality software.

Developing tools for trading since 2017years and having implemented several solutions, our team came to understand the necessity of creating an automated trading terminal with integrated risk control, forecasting function and adaptive trading strategy.
As a result, the Easytrading trading platform was developed.

What is the composition of our product:
1 - A system for collecting trading history from a large number of cryptocurrency and classic markets. Advanced Automated Analytics.
24 to 7, our servers monitor changes in rates and analyze for points of entry into the market, make forecasts of price movements, and calculate risks.
2 - Easytrading client application in which the user makes a decision based on the operation of the forecast algorithm and the integrated trading system.

The user only needs to initially configure the appropriate risk and money management parameters, select the markets in which trading will be carried out and start searching for possible transactions.
Based on the specified settings, the system itself will offer suitable entry points. You will only have to accept and choose a position size that is limited by current risks.

After that, the strategy server will take care of ensuring the operation of the strategy even when the terminal is turned off.
Having taken all risks and possible risks before entering the marketprofit size, the user can not affect the work of the strategy, only cancel it. What solves the problem of human intervention under the influence of emotions and spontaneous decisions.
Pre-limited risks allow you to save a deposit from a drain.

In trading, it is impossible to influence the movement of the market, and the inconsistency and emotions of the trader are the main enemies of successful trading.

In turn, strict adherence to a trading strategy is the key to a positive result over a long distance.
We suggest that you try out the proposed solution in your trading and make sure from your own experience that there is nothing complicated and impossible in trading.

The main obstacles to successful trading are the rash and erroneous actions of a trader in a state called TILD in professional jargon.
Our trading terminal Easytrading successfully copes with this factor.

A few words about the trading strategy built into our platform.
Having a trading history of various instruments, weWe learned how to dynamically build relationships and identify patterns in price movements and analyze many time frames at the same time, which is impossible for a person to do in manual mode.
Calling our system adaptive, we mean its ability to adapt to changing market realities and predict statistically possible transaction results.
Using the power of computers and algorithms, you gain an advantage in the market over other participants.

You cannot influence the market, but you can predict expectations and prepare for a negative outcome of trading by forecasting and accepting risks, and also setting goals for a specific trade.

Mastering the convenient and user-friendly interface of the Easytrading trading terminal will not be difficult for the average user.
A round-the-clock technical support will assist in setting up and advise in case of non-standard and unforeseen situations.

Our system is constantly evolving, all users receive updates automatically in a timely manner.

Getting started using our terminal is very simple:
It is enough to have an account on the exchange, enter the api key settings in the terminal and start searching for options for entry.
For the individual configuration of the terminal there is an expanded system of settings.

Easytrading interface translated into 90 languages. There is an affiliate program with the ability to build your own referral trees.

We will be glad to see you among our users and partners.
Welcome to easytrading.pw.