June 19, 2024

What is better Lenenergo ave. Or Bitcoin? Since 2016, stocks have grown by 1000%

Comparison of Lenenergo, etc. with Bitcoin. Bubble? Since 2016, stocks have grown by 1000%

In 2016, shares of Lenenergo Ave.cost 11.5 rubles, today they cost 127 rubles; no legal business in the world brings such profitability in such a short period of time.

For comparison, Bitcoin since the summer of 2007 also increased by 1000%, but then fell by 85%.

How much and when may Lenenergo shares falletc? Or is it better on the contrary to crypto investors to buy Lenenergo Ave. shares instead of bitcoins, or in addition to cryptocurrency as part of the portfolio, since crypto needs electricity, and Lenenergo produces and sells it.

The report for 9 months has been released.Net profit for 9 months amounted to 9.9 billion rubles. for the same period in 2018, PJSC Lenenergo made a profit of 9.1 billion. Profit for the year grew by only 8.5%, and shares grew by 34% over the year, where is the logic?

Balance of other income and expenses for 6 months. 19 = -1334 million rub.

The balance of other income-expenses for 9 months. 19g = -3,308 million rubles.

They hid part of the profits in reserves. Will Lenenergo's prefs go down on Monday?

Estimated dividend for 9 months. 2019 = 10.68 rubles


Lenenergo financial statements for 9 months of 2019. s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/upld.lenenergo.ru/iblock/fe3/fe3ca06974dd0128e679723ff8651471/Otchet-o-finansovykh-rezultatakh-9-mesyatsev.pdf

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