September 24, 2023

Weiss Ratings assigns Bitcoin investment rating A-

Weiss Ratings assigns Bitcoin investment rating A-

Weiss Ratings Analytics Rating Bitcoin A-, denoting the asset as "excellent." This is not the first time analysts have recognized BTC as an excellent investment option.

In a previous assessment, the rating of Bitcoin was lowered, but on the eve it restored its position. This is all due to the improvement of fundamental factors around cryptocurrency, the growth of its price and the upcoming halving.

Bitcoin Prospects Improve

Weiss Ratings has recently begun to payattention to digital assets, but in traditional markets the agency has been known for over fifty years. Today it also offers a paid subscription to several cryptocurrency investment instruments.

The agency publishes several crypto indices forassessment of risk, potential profit, technological effectiveness and adoption of projects in the field of blockchain. Experts offer regular reports on market conditions and moods, investment opportunities and alerts. However, in the past, Weiss Ratings faced criticism due to its supposedly incorrect analytics of cryptocurrency and traditional markets.

In August 2019, Weiss Ratings experts recognized Bitcoin as "obsolete." The reason is that the main cryptocurrency allegedly will not be able to withstand competition with altcoins in terms of technology.

A new publication by the agency attracted the attention of crypto enthusiasts, but many called the Weiss Ratings rating not worthy of any comments. Here is a quote from one of the observers on Twitter.

“What has changed for Bitcoin after assigning it an A- grade? Are you trying to artificially raise the price of cryptocurrency? Bitcoin is still the very Bitcoin that it was in rating B. ”

According to some crypto enthusiasts,company analysts have too little experience in the cryptocurrency industry to rank digital assets. In addition, in 2006 Weiss Ratings had problems with an objective assessment of even traditional markets.

Again, in 2014, the agency was involved inanother scandal surrounding his Florida insurance market rating. A financial advocacy group called Johnson Strategies has released a series of articles about Weiss' unethical practices and provided information to debunk their criticism of Florida insurance companies that received unfairly low ratings from experts.

In terms of its importance, it is highly recommended that BTC be placed first in the portfolio for investments. So far, it is the main cryptocurrency that is the most reliable cryptocurrency asset.

And although the research results themselves mayquestions arise, but in one, the experts are exactly right. Bitcoin is indeed the most reliable cryptocurrency in the world, which is primarily ensured by the high hashrate of its network. Accordingly, 51 percent in the given conditions may not even be thought about the prospects of an attack.

In addition, cryptocurrency has become the most investment of the last decade along with Ethereum - the rate of the coin grew by at least 62 thousand percent. At the same time, today the cost of Bitcoin is in the zone of 10 thousand dollars, which is only half its historical maximum. Altcoins are less fortunate: many of them have lost at least 90 percent of their former heights. Therefore, investing in them is like playing Russian roulette.