February 4, 2023

Weiss Rating published its cryptocurrency rating

Weiss Rating published its cryptocurrency rating

In the latest report, Weiss Ratings downgraded Litecoin and Cardano, while Monero he was promoted.

Ratings Litecoin and Cardano dropped from "C +" to"C". Litecoin's risk / reward score remains at “D,” both of which are rated “weak,” while the level of technology / acceptance is “B +,” the first being rated as “satisfactory,” and the second as “excellent.” Cardano has a “D-” rating for risk and reward, but a “B +” for technology and acceptance.

Last time, LTC and ADA were on the 4th and 5thplace accordingly, now both coins have fallen in the cryptocurrency rating. BTC and ETH top the list with their B-classes, followed by four coins with a C + rating.

One of them is Monero, whose rating has been upgradedfrom “C” to “C +”. Cryptocurrency risk and reward were rated “weak” and rated “D +”. Evaluation of technology and adaptation is “B”, so “good” in both cases.

Weiss Rating published its cryptocurrency rating

Weiss ratings give cryptocurrencies ratings from A to F, while a plus or minus sign indicates the upper or lower third of the rating range.

Agency recommends “keep in mind that ratingsWeiss Crypto Rating reflects not only long-term, relatively stable factors, such as technology and implementation, but also short-term, volatile factors, such as investment risk and reward. Therefore, they can change with a certain frequency. "