February 23, 2024

Wave analysis DASH / USD

TF: 1H

I am more inclined towards an upward scenario, where wave (ii) or [ii] is now developing, but for nowdownward scenario takes place: https://vk.com/wall-124328009_15314

In the first picture, I marked red and green phoebe spots for my purchases with buy limits with a stop in the region of 55, to make a little safety against the scenario from the second picture.

For those who want to enter for sure, I still recommend the green level from the second picture, there the downward count will be completely canceled.

I would be glad if you support the analytics with a like or tell your friends about our group or channel. I’m waiting for questions in the telegram chat at t.me/ew_chat. Hugs to everyone!
Wave analysis DASH / USD

Wave analysis DASH / USD