April 25, 2024

Wave analysis BTC / USD

Timeframe: 4H

According to the main calculation, wave (iv) of [i] continues its formation. Shape sheaccepts a regular or double zigzag, although previously it was assumed that it would remain a triangle.

Under the scenario, without another loy in the region of 7 thousand, it is undesirable to turn up the market. But this possibility cannot be completely ruled out, therefore, in the case of taking 9800, I will take a long one there.

As for the alternative, then it is the same - a campaignby 400-2000 as part of the wave [y] of "2". It will be fully confirmed only when the breakdown level of 4300 dollars. And it will be refuted, respectively, with a breakdown of 9,800 dollars.

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Wave analysis BTC / USD