January 28, 2023

Wasabi Bitcoin Wallet Privacy Oriented Release v1.1.10

Wasabi Wallet developers announced the release of version 1.1.10 of the wallet, emphasizing that this is the largest on Today's product release.

New Wasabi Wallet version offers integrationwith a full Bitcoin Core node (still in the experimental stage), an improved user experience, as well as a long-awaited solution to the problem of "spent" coins.

In particular, the mechanism has been completely redesigned.processing of blocks, transactions and coins, which includes an updated version of the implementation of block filters (BIP 158), also made improvements to the distribution of CoinJoin transactions. Thanks to this, the developers managed to significantly increase the load time of the wallet.

In addition, the upgrade to version 9 was subjectedAvalonia user interface engine. It also increased the speed of working with the wallet and added the ability to create custom notifications for various events. In addition, a native menu has been added for Mac devices.

Thanks to the upgrade of the DotNet Core engine to v3.1d, developers received additional tools.

As CTO of the wallet developer company notedzkSNACKs Adam ‘nopara73’ Fichor, due to the fact that the pre-release version of Wasabi went through rigorous community testing, this release can also be considered the most stable.

Recall that after in November zkSNACKs raised $ 337,500 as part of the first round of financing from investment firm Cypherpunk Holdings, its value was estimated at $ 7.5 million.