April 23, 2024

waiting for pump waves?

The Waves Enterprise platform presented a solution for automatic electricity metering as part of a pilotthe project of the largest energy company Rosseti, which tests the solutions of various developers.

According to Waves Enterprise, Alfa-Bank, through which payments are made, became a project partner.


And now a few facts:

1) The market capitalization of PJSC ROSSETI is approximately $ 4.1 billion.

2) The market capitalization of Alfa Bank is approximately $ 3 billion.

3) Waves market capitalization (WAVES) is approximately $ 63.5 million.

4) Over the past few days, Waves (WAVES) trading volumes have grown significantly.

5) On the Waves / USDT chart, it can be seen that there was a quick purchase on 11/28/2019.

waiting for pump waves?

6) According to a study by MindSmith and the Energy Center of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, the volume of investments in blockchain projects in the electric power industry reached more than $ 597 million.

7) The founder and CEO of Waves Platform, Alexander Ivanov, is far from the last person in the crypto community.


The question arises: are we waiting for pump Waves?

Sincerely, BitJackass (https://t.me/BitJackass)