March 23, 2023

Vodafone's New Cellular Radio Technology Reduces Call Costs

Vodafone's New Cellular Radio Technology Reduces Call Costs

Mobile operator Vodafone has begun testing OpenRAN technology, which is more efficient and cheaper than existing ones.

Currently, operators usually usepatented cellular technology from companies such as Ericsson or Nokia, but they may soon be superseded by a more versatile system. Vodafone and Intel have developed a new open access solution that harmonizes hardware and software in the mobile radio infrastructure.

Although OpenRAN is not a revolutionary technology, it can improve efficiency cellular networks and lower operating costs, therefore, reduces the cost of calls and data transfer.

Vodafone has already begun testing development in Turkey, and from today it integrates it in 120 rural areas of the UK.

There are no guarantees that using OpenRANIt will lead to a reduction in tariffs, as operators can use the money saved to upgrade equipment, expand services or increase their profits.

In any case, the new alternative will have a positive impact on mobile communications and increase competition in the market, which is beneficial for consumers.

Earlier, we also reported on the development of a new data stream converter for 6G networks, which will provide an information transfer rate of more than 100 Gb / s.