December 5, 2022

Visa will provide support for a cryptocard of the Australian start-up CrüptoSpend

The global payment giant Visa will continue to introduce digital currencies by approving the release of new debts in Australia bitcoin cards.

Today's Sydney CrüptoSpend application forThe cryptocurrency industry made a statement that Visa approved the release of a physical debit card, which will allow the Australians to waste their money

The co-founders of CróptoSpend announced that the new cardwill be released by the large local payment company Novatti and will appear on the market in September. Visa is expected to officially announce its approval by the end of this week.

A cryptocurrency debit card will allow users to spend a number of major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether (ETH), XRP and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The user's crypto-assets will be stored by BitGo.

The co-founder of CrüptoSpend, Andrew Gretsch, noted that the card would give the outsiders the ability to cash out their profits in bitcoins, but not to sell the cryptocurrency:

"Direct spending is a more convenient way to selldigital currencies. If the market is green, who can decide what to waste some of the profits earned. On the other side, the pick can say that the asset will keep growing, so I will be running. But each time, at a higher price, we observe a larger volume of pachods. "

According to the Financial Review, Visa has already been approvedRelease of cryptocurrency cheap cards in Australia for some global cryptocurrency, for example, Binance. The credit rating of Crü has also received a permit for the direct release of Visa debit cards in Australia and is preparing to launch the card.