September 19, 2021

Visa-Brazil is ready to support credit payments and cashback payments

In an interview with the Brazilian new edition of Seu Dinheiro, vice president of the new business of the payment giant Visa Eduardo Abreu told about the intentions of the company to integrate crypto-assets for the implementation of payments, as well as a means of savings.


Also in March 2021, the General Director of Visa inThe Brazilian Fernando Teles has introduced the concept of accepting current payments and the interface of the normal programming (API), which is the default standard for

The abpeu considers that for wide implementationCryptocurrencies will require integration into the traditional banking ecosystem. Thanks to this, customers will be able to carry out transactions using fiat and cryptocurrency media in the same environment.

Visa is already available on its platform 180currency and will be willing to use its 170 million global customer base and financial relations with national banks Alterbank, Ripocimo and Zro for mobile

In addition, Abpeu has not excluded the cashback in the cryptocurrency:

“The Brazilians already have a culture of receiving card points, discounts, etc. Why not receive a cryptocurrency for operations using your credit card? "