November 30, 2020

Virtual mining - reviews and earnings

Virtual mining - reviews and earnings

You may have read our first article about virtual mining from the yobit exchange, if not, then you can familiarize yourself with her here This article is a continuationthe previous one, in which we will tell you what happened in 1.5 months of the service's existence, how active the project is and what profitability it can bring to investors.

It should be noted that virtual mining has gainedIt is very popular in the world, various authoritative publications publish articles on it, vmining is in the top 5 in most cloud mining ratings, and this project is actively receiving reviews from well-known Russian-speaking and foreign crypto bloggers.

In the cryptocurrency YouTube space themevirtual mining has gained immense popularity, many bloggers release whole series of videos in which they talk about miners and show their income from them.

Virtual mining: reviews of bloggers and experts

The channel can be distinguished from Russian-speaking bloggersProTon, which specializes in “classic” mining, with an audience of 71 thousand subscribers. The blogger released a series of videos in which he showed how he earns on miners and keeps a small report. You can see all his reviews below:


Here is another example of a popular blogger who is interested in virtual mining and has released a series of videos dedicated to this topic: Dmitry Fedotov's channel with 10 thousand subscribers.


There are a huge number of video reviews frombloggers with a smaller audience, both Russian-speaking and English-speaking. In preparation for this article, we counted more than 70 videos in various languages, which speaks of the relevance and trend of this topic.

Moreover, everything was not limited to Russian-speaking and English-speaking bloggers, the topic of virtual mining was picked up by bloggers from all over the world!

For example, here are some of these reviews:

  • Arabic crypto blogger with 13.3k subscribers:
  • And here is a more popular Korean crypto blogger, with 50k subscribers
  • And here is the largest Turkish crypto blogger with an overview of mining from the Yobit exchange:

What has changed in 1.5 months in vmining?

An important thing happened in the last 1.5 monthschange in the work of miners, the exchange introduced an increase in the price of miners by 0.1% for each purchase of a miner, except for purchases of the cheapest tariff - micro. This innovation greatly influenced the prices of miners, literally in 3 weeks the prices for miners soared 3.9 times!

Now the administration of the exchange made concessions andreduced the cost of miners to their original prices by fixing the price. It is not yet known how long this promotion will last, but it is certainly beneficial for new participants.

Is vmining relevant now? How can you make money on it?

Now mining is still relevant and generates income, but at the moment there is a slight correction in the minex rate and the profitability has dropped slightly compared to the end of September.

However, the rate of return since writingthe first article has not changed and only increased. And if you buy a miner now, while discounts are in effect, then you will pay off in 2-3 months, depending on the tariff. In addition to this, users are actively discussing possible market manipulations that were made to reduce emissions and further pump the value of the minex coin by 2-3 times.

Whether to invest or not is a decision you canaccept only after self-analysis of the project, so if you are interested in virtual mining, then register on the YoBit exchange and learn more about this product.

Virtual mining - reviews and earnings