March 4, 2024

Virgil Griffith released on bail pending trial

Virgil Griffith released on bail pending trial

Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith, who was arrested on November 29 at Los Angeles Airport, has been releasedon the security to court.

The US Department of Justice did not find sufficient evidence to bring the case against Virgil Griffith to trial. 

The indictment stated thatGriffith deliberately violated the IEEPA law, and that his actions jeopardized US national security. Vitalik Buterin supported the specialist of his team and signed the Free Virgil Griffith petition. According to him, at a conference in North Korea, Griffith voiced only well-known information and, therefore, should be immediately released subject to his right to freedom of speech.

On Monday, the release of the developer from prisonwas confirmed by his legal representative in court, Brian Klein of Baker Marquart. Klein, who successfully represented many high-profile cases related to cryptocurrency and blockchain, confirmed that Griffith was really looking forward to a trial where he could tell the truth about his trip to a conference in the DPRK.