February 5, 2023

Venezuelan President advertised Trezor wallet on national television

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro appeared on the state television channel Venezuelan Television Corporation (VTV) with cryptocurrency wallet allegedly produced by Trezor.

President’s video was publishedon his official Facebook page. In one part of the program, Maduro met with employees of Trezorvenezuela, which claims to be a Trezor representative in Venezuela. However, Trezor itself claims that it is the first time it has seen these people.

Trezorvenezuela created social accountsFacebook and Instagram networks that have links to the official Trezor website. However, on its official Twitter page, Trezor denies any connection with the company represented on VTV.

Trezor reported that she has no officialresellers in Venezuela, and provided a link to a complete list of their partners. The company also stated that its employees did not meet with Maduro and did not attend the “cryptocurrency fair” in Caracas.

Trezor noted on her blog thatTrezorvenezuela was the official dealer for Trezor products according to the contract signed in the 3rd quarter of 2018. However, in June of this year, Trezor removed this company from the list of licensed dealers due to a lack of action.

In July, the information divisionSecurity Ledger Donjon checked hardware wallets from different manufacturers and found that Trezor devices were vulnerable to physical hacking. In March, hardware wallet maker Ledger also discovered vulnerabilities in Trezor devices.