February 4, 2023

Venezuelan authorities will give citizens of the country with benefits 0.5 Petro

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro stated that citizens with benefits will receive 0.5 Petro each. At the moment, the cost of half the coin is about $ 30.

Petro coins will be distributed among citizens with benefits in Venezuela, such as senior citizens and army employees working in government organizations.

In order to receive cryptocurrency, it is necessaryinstall the official Petro App and create an account in the system. After receiving Petro, users will be able to exchange digital currency for fiat, or sell it for BTC, ETH and LTC.

The state-owned cryptocurrency Petro was launched last year to escape the country's dependence on the US dollar and the sanctions imposed by Western countries.

Recently it became known that the Central Bank of Sweden is exploring the possibility of issuing a digital crown, and China plans to test the national cryptocurrency in Shenzhen and Suzhou.