March 31, 2023

Venezuelan Airlines now obliged to pay for fuel at Petro

Venezuelan Airlines now obliged to pay for fuel at Petro

In an attempt to stimulate the adoption of a national cryptocurrency, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro obliged local airlines pay for fuel with Petro.

Maduro recently reported that allOil produced by the state-owned company PDVSA will be sold only at Petro. In addition, all taxes and utility bills must be paid in the same cryptocurrency.

Now the president of the country obliges all localairlines pay in national cryptocurrency. He said the government will “closely monitor” businesses that are reluctant to accept payments at Petro and prefer the US dollar.

Venezuela is one of the countries affectedUS trade sanctions. With digital currencies, the government wants to find a way around these sanctions. It is worth noting that Venezuela became the first country to launch its national cryptocurrency on a global scale.

Maduro seems determinedtransfer the country to digital payments at Petro. A little earlier this year, he also decided that all gold mined in the country should also be sold in national cryptocurrency.

It is worth noting that on New Year's Eve Madurostated on television that his government was prepared to pay a one-time allowance of 0.5 Petro (approximately $ 30) to all retirees, public sector employees, and military personnel.

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