April 23, 2024

Valery Lyakh: “Before the launch of Libra and Telegram, a surge in fraud is possible”

The head of the department for combating unfair practices of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Valery Lyakh, said that beforethe start of large-scale cryptocurrency projects like Libra and Telegram may spur fraud.

Lyakh stressed that before the official launchCryptocurrency projects in Russia may appear fraudulent companies, allegedly selling tokens of these projects, but after receiving the money, they usually disappear without a trace. Lyakh noted:

“I see a high risk that in the near futurethere may be a surge in fraud and financial pyramids related to the sale of new cryptocurrencies. In the near future two large projects will be launched - Telegram and Facebook. I fear that during the next wave, which will be connected with financial products, they will try to sell the allegedly cryptocurrencies Telegram and Facebook before they actually come out. These are well-known companies, and scammers can take advantage of this. ”

Lyakh also said that the regulator rarely has timeclose sites of existing pyramids on time. Only in 10-15% of cases the Central Bank of the Russian Federation closes the sites of fraudulent companies still operating, in the remaining cases, the pyramids have already "outlived" their time and managed to "draw" funds from citizens. However, a draft law on pre-trial blocking of sites has already been developed, allowing you to act much faster.

Yesterday Operations DirectorFacebook Calibra blockchain unit Tomer Barel said that options for the Libra investment token are already offered in the secondary market, but the company has nothing to do with it.