Jul 1, 2022

USA against Investors Biden's sanctions How it threatens the Investors of the Russian Federation. Conclusion, analysis of what is happening

Greetings colleagues!
I decided to share my thoughts on what is happening in the world.
The United States imposed sanctions on us, but I more worried that they touched the stock market.
Personally, I think this is a wake-up call for Investors.I am worried that the day will come when you and I will go into our personal accounts and will not find the Central Bank of foreign companies, of course this is unlikely, but it is possible!
On this topic, I wrote down the vidos.

You can write and argue on this topic for a long time, but what if this can happen? Who will give us guarantees?
How long will the sanctions last and what else can we expect in the future? Only time will give answers to these questions, we can only go with time and diversify our risks.
Thank you for your time on my post! Good luck friends in our business ...