February 8, 2023

US Senators put pressure on Libra project participants

US Senators put pressure on Libra project participants

According to Bloomberg, US senators sent letters to Visa, Mastercard and Stripe, which advise payment giants do not mess with the Libra project.

Recall that recently, PayPal officially left the project, saying that it fears possible regulatory consequences.

The senators report said:

Facebook is currently engaged insolving serious problems - confidentiality breaches, misinformation, election interference, discrimination and fraud - and it did not demonstrate a special ability to control the situation. You must remember that any problematic issues in Facebook risk management systems will become problematic issues in your systems.

One of the authors of the letter, Sherrod Brown, isprominent democrat in the Senate Banking Committee. Brown now suggests that a general distrust of Facebook could turn into a distrust of his financial activities.

According to the materials cointelegraph.com