May 15, 2021

US Pharmaceuticals Acquires Bitcoin Miners from Canaan

American Pharmaceutical Company Mawson Infrastructure Group Inc. I signed a contract with Beijing ASIC miner Canaan.

B According to the agreement, the company will purchase 11,760 units of A1246 ASIC AvalonMiners, this model provides 90 Tx / s with a power of 320 Wt.

With current bitcoin prices, the miner canProvide a profit in the amount of $ 12,000 per year. As a rule, the price for equipping ASICs is found in advance of the annual toothlessness. According to approximate estimates, the market price of a transaction could be more than $ 100 million.

Canaan agreed to supply and install bitcoin mining equipment on the existing mining farm Mawson. Shipments will last until the end of 2021.

Last month, Mawson, officially known as Wize Pharma, acquired the Cosmos Capital mining company, which also operates digital drives.

It is also believed that the pharmaceutical company owns a certain number of bitcoins.

As you can see, American firms have increased the purchases of bitcoin miners, because of which the delivery schedule of the competing manufacturer Bitmain has been reported until the end of a year.