June 14, 2021

Unlimited Crypto Inflation. Convince me.

There is bitcoin. On crypto-exchanges, it is estimated at 30-something thousand dollars. Why is it better than Ethereum, which cheaper? - Yes, nothing, the same properties, even worse.That is, the product does not have any unique properties like any palladium. What prevents everyone from issuing their shit-coin and paying them off or two?
10-20 billion "very valuable" different typescoins as a means of payment for goods and services. After all, this is exactly what crypto fanatics crave - to pay with coins instead of fiat money. This means that you can make as many coins as you like. No bitcoin in your crypto wallet? - create trillion fonero in your phone and pay with it.

Argument if you think that I am wrong.Appeals to crypto postulates: "Yes, you read - the number of bitcoins is limited" - not an argument, because does not contradict the thesis. I'm not talking about bitcoin inflation, I'm talking about cryptocurrency inflation in general.