May 25, 2022

UNIFY was the first among credit unions to add services with bitcoin

Thanks to a partnership with the New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG), which specializes in bitcoin, UNIFY will become the first credit a cooperative offering BTC services to its members.


In a statement earlier this week, it was reported that UNIFY customers will now be able to buy, sell and store bitcoins using traditional accounts on the online banking platform.

The organization has more than 260,000 members in the United States, has branches in California, Nevada, Apizona and Texas, managing assets worth more than $ 3 billion.

Becoming the first credit union to integratebitcoin for its customers, UNIFY wants to “remain at the forefront of financial services…” said the organization’s president and CEO, Gordon Howe.

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By purchasing $500 worth of BTC through the UNIFY platform, by February 14, all participants will have a chance to win a limited collection of NFTs created by Safety John Johnson III, called "JJZ".

NYDIG has established numerous partnershipsrelationships with large traditional financial institutions to boost bitcoin adoption. One of the latest partners is Five Star Bank, which will also provide BTC-based services to customers.